One (EP)

by The Fuss

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released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved


The Fuss Des Moines, Iowa

Original Music from Des Moines Iowa. DIY 'til I die.


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And always remember, love comes first <3
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Track Name: Riley
Every time I am the new good I get terrified
The hair on my arms stands up and my body gets too tight
What's to say of my situation
I'm too full of hesitation
Could it be in my imagination
That everyone is violent
It's a chance that I can't take
I'm not leaving this room
Fear can motivate
So don't be afraid to face truth
The difference between you and me
Is I can see that we're nobodies
Just stop telling me to follow dreams
I can't even put myself to sleep
I love all my friends
I just hate everywhere they go
All the things they talk about are things that I don't know
I wanna go home
I'm addicted to consistency and deja vu
My drugs taste better than the drugs from you
The deeper I dug, the less ground I broke through
So leave me underground to grow my roots
It's written in my history
The pretty girls wouldn't kiss me
And none of you would miss me if left
Track Name: Attention
Aren't you just so untouchable
Ambitions fucking palpable
I want to touch you
But I'm sure that if I did I'd scream
How did you get so pretty
When did you get so witty
I just want one casual conversation to remind myself
What I'm missing out on
I've loved you for so long
Let me take you and put you where you belong
I've never held too tight
But with you by my side
Let me take you and put you where you belong
I'll always want what I can't have
What I get I give it back
This secret love of being sad is quite unnerving
Please give me zero attention
Because if you do the mysteries done
I just want one casual conversation to remind myself
Track Name: Ghost
Take it back, take it back, take what you said
Love me good, love me good, put me to bed
I will sleep with my eyes open and my clothes on
Just touch me, just touch me
I scream, when I scream, it's all for you
Don't you care, don't you care what you put me through
If it counts I care enough for the both of us
Just trust me, just trust me
Yeah I lust, and I'm scared, because I know that you're there
You're a ghost and the terrible friend that I need to tell me lies
This is just my grand delusion, take it back
I'll give you of one my excuses, take it back
Let me have one last illusion, take it back
Don't you wanna lick my wounds clean, take it back
I can be calm if you want
We can dumb down marijuana
I can be strong when I've gotta
So don't take my love from me
I can be cold with the best of em
But I could touch you, give you sweet loving
You live in the stones and sticks my fix
We fit like a glove, just touch me please
Track Name: Charlie
Oh Charlie
I can't wait until the time arrives
When you're grown and strong and every ache was worth it
Oh Charlie
Won't you save a memory for me
Where I was the push you needed to survive
Don't be talked down to
You're full of worth and dignity
Boy I'll be the first to say
Your mother's working spirit is something that you've been nearing
So we owe her our tremendous thanks
Oh Charlie
With the gentle eyes and the cordial smile
You'll win the hearts of angels
Oh Charlie
I can't help but to love you
And I won't let nobody bring you down
I won't let nothing bring you down